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Lone ‘O’ Ranger HQ


A completely new body design emerged with the HQ series in July 1971, including the new Monaro 'LS' (commonly believed to mean "Luxury Sports") model which featured four headlights and chrome trim rings shared with the Holden Premier sedan. There were no longer any six-cylinder versions of the Monaro GTS, just the locally manufactured 4.15 L (253 cu in) or optional 5.0 L (308 cu in) V8s or the top level GTS350 coupe, equipped with an imported 5.7 L (350 cu in) Chevrolet motor.

The base model Monaro standard engine was enlarged to 173 in3 (2,830 cc) whilst the Monaro LS had a broad spectrum of engine options from a 202 in3 (3,310 cc) six to the 350 in3 (5,700 cc) V8. The new coupe design had a much larger rear window and a squarer rear quarter window; it was somehow seen as not as sporty looking compared to the earlier HK-HT-HG series, but is often now considered one of the best looking body designs to come from an Australian manufacturer. Tail lights were now rectangular in dual-unit style, integrated into the rear bumper; they were not unlike those of the American 1969 Chevrolet Bel Air/Biscayne. The car's styling was somewhat reminiscent of the 1970 - 72 Chevrolet Chevelle.

DDA Collectibles has released a New Colour in the HQ Monaro range, in a Stunning Lone ‘o’ Ranger Featuring Opening Doors, Poseable Wheels and a fantastic detailed interior. Due for arrival early December 2020.

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